Data of beginning: 02/07/2009
Date of finishing: 10/04/2011

001. Send a message in a bottle
002. Fly a kite
003. Make a list with 100 things that make me happy
004. Learn to say an useless sentence in five languages
005. Meet in person somebody in my flist May 10th-May 11th: meet [ profile] papper_docka and [ profile] amantium_irae in Girona.
006. Read 50 books at least (1/50)
007. Buy an orchid
008. Give some money to Doctors Without Borders
009. Have a holiday in Paris
010. Learn to bake cupcakes
011. Watch 10 documentaries (0/10)
012. Go back and fix all the tags in my LJ
013. Move Rusty into a bigger cage
014. Write a poem
015. Make a list with 100 random facts about me
016. Buy a really expensive bag just for the sake of it
017. Do something nice for a friend without them knowing it was me
018. Read James Dean biography
019. Meet with a friend I haven't seen since high school, and catch up on each other's life
020. Send a long handwritten letter to a friend
021. Organize all my photo albums
022. Scan all the old photos
023. Plant a tree
024. Organize the storage room properly
025. Watch Casablanca
026. Wear a dress at the weedings I'll attend
027. Spend a day at Tibidabo
028. Find brand jeans that are comfortable and look good on me
029. Discover a singer/band I didn't know about
030. Get new curtains for the living room
031. Try 10 new restaurants (1/10)
032. Watch a sunset on the beach
033. Visit the zoo
034. Purchase 50 movies (0/50)
035. Go hiking with my parents
036. See five plays (0/5)
037. Buy five lottery tickets (1/5)
038. Organize all the phones and addresses of my contacts into the same adress book
039. Grow a garden in an unexpected spot
040. Give somebody a homemade present
041. Mail a secret to postsecret
042. Take a course about something I'm interested in
043. Save 4000 euros (0/4000)
044. Grow a plant from a seed
045. Make my own visit cards
046. Read a children's book just for the sake of it
047. Get a magazine subscription
048. Go to the cinema at least 25 times (0/25)
049. Enter a photograpy contest
050. Do a day in my life LJ post
051. Go to Disneyland
052. See a Cirque du Soleil show
053. Have breakfast in bed
054. Learn at least five origami figures (0/5)
055. Submit a sentence at
056. Earn 1 million grains of rice on (0/1,000,000)
057. Go fishing
058. Attend a 'class of 94 reunion
059. Buy flowers for my mom
060. Go to L'Aquarium
061. Send flowers to Ramon and Carmen for their wedding anniversary
062. Lose one size
063. Try three foods that freak me out (0/3)
064. Buy at least 20 CDs (0/20)
065. Send at least 50 postcards for postcrossing (1/50)
066. Write at least 20 private entries in my LJ (1/20)
065. Sort out all the paperwork
066. Go to the science museum
067. learn about about Buddhism
068. Get a new car
069. Visit a castle, monastery, or old building
070. Spend a weekend in Madrid
071. Go to an art museum
072. Finish the spare bathroom
073. Name a star
074. Carve a pumpkin for Halloween
075. Go to New York
076. Take photos of all my shoes and stick them outside the shoe boxes
077. Get a good pair of hiking shoes
078. Be able to reach my feet again (stretching)
079. Use all 7 letters in a turn in Scrabble
080. Take a holiday on the beach (9-13th April 2009, Costa Brava)
081. Go to Canada/Plan the trip to Canada
082. Buy a new desktop computer
083. Try 5 kinds of tea I haven't tried yet.
084. Take five bubble bath with candles (0/5)
085. Make an appointment at the gynecologist
086. Make a good new friend
087. Learn to sew a button
088. Go to a conference
089. Get at least 5 professional massages for my back (0/5)
090. Grown a herb garden
091. Memorize a poem
092. Clean the car's globe compartment
093. Try a yoga class
094. Organize my jewelry
095. Make a list of 100 things to do before I die
096. Invite Mr H's sister and her husband to dinner
097. Participate in NaNoWriMo again
098. Make a website
099. Put wood on the bedroom's floor
100. Write a random quote on a post-it, and stick it inside a book at the library
101. Finish writing this list

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