Today has actually felt a bit like Autumn in here. It rained during the morning and temperatures dropped a bit, which was nice because I was able to put on a cardigan instead of just leaving the apartment in short sleeves. We went to eat at a restaurant about 30 minutes away from here, in an area closer to the Pyrenees in which Autumn seemed to be way more advanced than in here (that's where the photo was taken). I ate a delicious salad with goat cheese, nuts and strawberries!

In the morning I went to vote. They're regional elections but they're also plebiscitary ones, in the sense that from the result will depend if Catalonia keeps being part of Spain or not (I voted pro independence, which I don't think is a secret in here anymore by now). In any case I won't make a long post about it or anything like that, because I like this LJ to stay free of politics, and because I don't think that anybody is interested in the internal stuff of this country.

Yesterday I spent the day doing essays, catching up on laundry and also removing the dead flowers from the balcony, since I don't think that by now they're going to bloom again. I left all the herbs and the stuff that survives winter, but most of the seasonal flowers (like petunias) I removed them already.

Tomorrow [ profile] evilblacksheep arrives! She'll spend five days here, and I'm really looking forward to it. So in case I'm quieter than usual, you know the reason :)
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