I'm doing a friends cut at the moment. I hate to do one when my last friends cut was only two months ago, but sadly I feel that there's people in my flist I'm not interacting with, and I don't feel comfy sharing my private thoughts with them.

I'm cuting:

- People who never comment on my posts. Or who never reply when I leave a comment on their LJ. Or both (which is the point really?)

- People whose entries I skip because I feel I'm not interested at all (not everything has to be other people's fault, right?).

- People who are not active (they don't post, or they post only once per month).

I'm sorry if I cut you, I really wish it had worked :( I'm not going to say that it wasn't personal because sadly those things always are, but for me LJ is about interaction and if it doesn't happen there's no need in forcing it.
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