Today is the day that the grades of the final exams are supposed to show up at the university website (tomorrow we can start signing up for the classes of the next semester, which starts at the end of February until the end of June). I say "supposed to", because the university website is broken. It has been broken all morning, and it's still broken now, at 3pm.

I know that it can happen and that the server is probably collapsed because everybody wants to see their grade (obviously), but what really bothers me is the fact that every semester we pay a lot of money to study at the university, and part of that money (150 euros to be exact) go to "online campus maintenance". With all the money they get (we're thousands and thousands of students at the university) you'd think that they have money to improve their servers. But no. Every time that there's some kind of event (grades being published, signing up for classes, first day of classes, etc) the online campus collapses, sometimes for days.

So I don't know when I'll be able to see my grade, as the only way to check it is online (before they were sending the grades on a text message on the phone for free if you requested it, but they cancelled that service). And I know in the big scheme of things is not a big deal, but considering how much we pay only for the online access (leaving aside for the classes), and the fact that I worked hard to pass the semester (most of us did), I find it very non respectful that this is a recurrent issue with them, especially in days like this, when people get nervous and they want to see how they did and if they'll have to take the class again or not.

I'll go to work with the old woman, and see if when I come back in the evening is solved. But I highly doubt it.
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